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Creating a breakthrough brand for a beloved Australian coffee company

The ask
Gumption is more than just a word. It’s a story of ingenuity, tenacity, and boldness. At its core, it’s the essence of the two humble champions that brought it to life. How can we synthesize that idea into a brand identity and in-store experience?
founder picking up spoon from bowl while holding coffee cup
gumption coffee founders
founder next to coffee machine

Gumption Coffee was founded by an award-winning team of female entrepreneurs with a bold vision: help customers take on the world, one coffee cup at a time.

With Australian roots and a cult-like following, Gumption’s founders Hazel de los Reyes and Clare Lim had eyes on expansion in the U.S. After opening a roastery in Industry City, Brooklyn, the next step was a flagship location in Manhattan. But first, they needed a brand and retail experience that would bring Gumption to life for a new audience. We partnered with the founders to evolve their beloved brand and brew a wholly unique customer experience that would set Gumption apart in a saturated coffee landscape.

In doing so, we created a new brand platform, visual identity, digital channel strategy, and retail experience.

For Gumption Coffee to be successful, we needed to capture the true essence of Clare and Hazel, and the ethos that they have cultivated: Gumption is more than just a word. From Hazel’s humble origins of brewing coffee from a rewired popcorn machine to eventually being named Australian Barista Champion and Australian Cupping Champion, Gumption is a story of ingenuity, tenacity, and boldness.

Gumption Coffee retail space in NYC

gumption coffee cup on gumption branded table


gumption visual logo


A transformative experience

Then, leaning on a history of designing transformative retail experiences, we went to work bringing the Gumption brand to life with a distinct and playful store design that played up sophisticated coffee cues. From the attention-grabbing storefront, to the wall of comics engagingly telling the founders’ story, to the signature wave centerpiece signaling the rush felt from a first sip of coffee, the space is thoughtfully designed to elevate human connection while serving customers quickly with their award-winning coffee. And, to further enhance the in-store offering, we developed a food partner strategy that features items sourced from other local, female-owned businesses.

animation of hand fixing gumption coffee grounds packaging


To drive digital differentiation for Gumption, we created a comprehensive digital channel strategy, identifying a path forward for how the brand could stand out against its competitors. This included a digital touchpoint analysis to determine where whitespace existed in the market and developing a roadmap the brand could take to address it. And, with the onset of COVID-19 accelerating the need for a robust e-commerce presence, we worked with Gumption on developing solutions for online ordering.

gumption visual identity on instagram

hand picking up gumption bundt cake next to coffee

gumption website

Partnering globally

Gumption Coffee officially opened its doors in midtown Manhattan in 2020年10月. Since its opening, Gumption has opened another location in New York’s Flatiron district and, partnering again with Lippincott, launched in Singapore with a 360 degree digital shopping experience. With its new brand, a retail presence defined by a bold design and signature in-store touch points, and growing e-commerce presence, Gumption Coffee is poised to grow its footprint worldwide.


“Not only did Lippincott fully grasp what drives us to do what we do, the team also wholly assumed the fire in our bellies. They have become the fiercest champions of our cause. This synergy is evident in the cohesive visual system they created, which in turn inspires us every day and propels us further on our mission.”

Hazel de los Reyes
Founder, Gumption Coffee
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